Marine Plastic Recycling

Plastics from the Ocean should be seen as a resource. It's unacceptable to remove this resource from our Oceans and bury or incinerate it if it can be recycled. In Spring 2016, after another Winter of severe storms throwing tonnes of plastic onto our shores, Neil Hembrow from Keep Britain Tidy offered help with the recycled ocean plastic kayak project. Since 2010, the BeachCare programme has completed over 1100 volunteer beach cleans removing 160 tonnes of plastic. But where was this plastic going? Initially, we discussed using the plastic from these beach cleans to help build the kayaks. Neil worked on building the infrastructure to collect plastic from his beach clean groups and discovered that Exeter City Council were very keen on recycling our beach plastic. This coalition founded the Ocean Recovery Project which has the following objectives:

Not all the plastic gathered is suitable for kayak manufacturing, but can be used for multiple other products, as such we gather all recyclable material. We found that fishing nets made up a large volume of the plastic we found on our beaches, they can not be recycled in the UK and so we have Partnered with Plastix, a specialist net recycler to recycle these. Together, we have recycled in the region if 20 tonnes over the past year with an ever-increasing capacity. Please contact us for more information.