The only UK recycling scheme of both Gill and Trawl net

Net Regeneration Scheme


Odyssey Innovation Ltd offers free net recycling solutions of Polyethylene trawl and Nylon gill nets through our recycling partner Plastix. Our net recycling program has been developed to support both the fishing industry and conservation. It originated from finding solutions to recycle the nets we gathered through the Ocean Recovery Project, we discovered that there are no viable net recycling schemes in the UK, as a result, most go to landfill. Plastix, who is based in Denmark, is the only specialist net recyclers in Europe capable of dealing with our nets.


Alongside fishing net we also remove rigid  marine plastic and recycle it.

Company director Rob Thompson, is a member on the project review board for the Global Ghost Gear Initiative. Through his work with the initiatives partners and extensive discussions within the fishing industry. Rob identified that the greatest obstacles faced by the fishing industry was the lack recycling facilities and the high financial costs involved in the disposal of nets. Which he has overcome by providing the net collection service.


Our net recycling scheme works within several SW harbours to recycle end-of-life nets. It also recycles nets from, the Ocean Recovery Project, net makers, numerous beach clean groups, Keep Britain Tidy, the National Trust and nets found during dive retrievals by Fathoms Free. Many small harbours have insufficient storage space for large quantities of nets or poor access for large vehicles. To remove these barriers, we have set up centralised drop off points across the SW so that smaller quantities of nets can be gathered and stockpiled.

Do you have nets to recycle?

Are you a harbour or community group wondering what to do with old or recovered nets. If you are please send us a message and we will see what we can do. 

Take a look at the PDF's below showing what is recyclable and what we collect. Feel free to download if you need to put them up your harbour

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Harbours Participating in Net Regeneration


Richard Caslake

“Rob’s work has been the key factor in fishermen and ports in the SW engaging with the recycling of fishing gear. Resulting in over 60 tonnes of fishing nets being recycled, reducing the amount of fishing gear going to land fill, improving the environmental credentials of the fishing industry in the SW and having a direct impact in reducing plastic in the ocean”.


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Jon Harvey

Environment Agency Plastics and Sustainability Team. 

“Rob is one of the most passionate, hardworking, and inspiring people I know. His application of circular economy ethos to tackling what is an enormous economic and environmental issue is a great example of modern day innovation and social enterprise. ”

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