The Problem

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Paddle For Plastic

Unfortunately, mountains of marine litter collected from our public beaches is now a familiar sight. Worryingly, as shocking as this sight is, it’s only a minor representation of the scale of the problem. 


One of the main challenges to the collection of marine litter is access, a vast percentage of our coastline is inaccessible by foot and therefore never gets cleaned.


The main reason we chose to develop kayaks from marine plastic, was down to their versatility, making them excellent tools for accessing places that are impossible to access by land and hazardous to approach by boat.

Throughout the year we will donate kayaks back to initiatives that will join our Paddle for Plastic campaign, we are looking for groups or individuals passionate about protecting our seas from marine plastic, who are otherwise under resourced to do so.

To enter please send us a brief proposal through contact us, of how you feel you could best contribute to our Paddle for Plastic community and like and share our Facebook pages Paddle for Plastic and Odyssey Innovation. Those that are shortlisted will be contacted to submit a full proposal.  


The Campaign

The Paddle for Plastic campaign was launched to recover and recycle plastic from these otherwise inaccessible places and in doing so to raise awareness to the scale of the problem.


It is a regular occurrence that we launch from a clean public access beach and only make it a couple of hundred meters away from civilization before gathering such large quantities of marine plastic that we have to turn back with it.


It’s really important to keep these inaccessible places clean, as the lack of human activity often make them a haven for wildlife. Lots of Marine waste increases the risk of entanglement in, or ingestion of plastic affecting an array of wildlife.


How you can help!

Now we need your help to rid our seas of marine plastic.


There are many ways in which you can do this

1. Join a Paddle for Plastic event, details to be found on Paddle for Plastic facebook page 


2. Organise your own Paddle for Plastic event. It can be a simple as taking a few minutes to give something back to nature, by picking up some litter on your return paddling journey or organising a big group Paddle for Plastic. You can paddle on kayaks, stand up paddle board, surfboards, boats or anything you can think of to reach those otherwise inaccessible places to clear marine debris.


We would love to hear about your paddle for plastic adventures! Please share your stories or photos with us tag us on Facebook, Via Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #paddleforplastic. 

Whichever way you decide to help will make a significant difference collectively we can create a cleaner and healthier marine environment. 


We hope that your work may inspire others to take action.

Paddle for Plastic Rash Vests now for sale 

As part of the campaign we also give away 10 kayaks a year to charities in order to assist clean ups. If you are a business who wants to sponsor a kayak for a local charity find out how here..