Drift Paddle Livery

Drift Paddle Livery

The popular Drift paddle in an excellent value package‚ with durable plastic blades and an all-purpose aluminium shaft. It can be dismantled into two pieces for easy transportation.


Polypropylene glass reinforced blades

Our allround paddle blades are injection moulded from glass fibre reinforced polypropylene; these blades are lightweight but durable. Glass fibre adds stiffness and strength to the polypropylene.

  • Weight

    1176 g (220)

    Blade Size

    660 cm²


    60° (right)


    Polypropylene glass filled


    • Aluminium
    • Ø 30 mm

    Other Features

    • Two-piece take apart with aluminium spring clip
    • Blade shape with gentle dihedral


  • Paddles can be picked up in store only

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