The Worlds Only Marine Recycled Storage Bin - medium

The Worlds Only Marine Recycled Storage Bin - medium

Our recycling bins are made from recycled plastic, the majority of which is coming from fishing nets recovered from our ocean.


They have a mulitude of uses from recycling bins on beaches to tool storage on marinas. They are of a durable construction made from recycled polyethylene and can be used for internal and external use.


Only avaliable in black and are a great way to demonstrate the circular economy by turning Marine Plastic back into recycling bins that help keep our oceans clean.


    Medium Recycled Bin - 6 Cu Ft - 175 Litre


    Width: 885mm
    Depth: 615mm
    Height (At back): 670mm

    Wide mouth and slim line design

    Wide mouth for easy access to the contents and slim line shape for position flexibility.

    Stackable, Rugged

    The bins are able to be stacked up to six high and this enables a very efficient use of both storage and transportation space.

    Durable, rugged construction

    The bins are made from UV resistant and durable recycled polyethylene that makes a rugged and water tight container for a wide range of contents.

    Suplied without graphics.  Graphics can be adapted to your special requirements ie: corporate colours or your brand logo. Please email if you require a specific design of graphic.

    These are made to order in batches of 10 at a time, therefore there maybe a delay with smaller quantities whist waiting to acquire the minimum orders for the production run. Discounts available on large orders, please contact us for details.


    £72 per pallet 

Color: Black