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What type of Plastic are they made from?

The kayaks are made from recycled High Density Polyethylene. This type of plastic is the preferred choice with leading kayak manufactures when choosing new plastic due to its impact resistance and durability.

Are they as durable as a kayak made from virgin plastic? 

Our Kayaks have gone through the same vigorous testing as kayaks made from virgin plastic and are backed by the same Islander warranty as the rest of their range.

How does the UV properties compare to kayaks made from new plastic?

To give our kayaks a uniformed appearance we add carbon black, this also acts the best natural UV stabilisers often resulting in less fading than new plastic.

How experienced do you need to be to use the kayaks?

These Sit-On-Top kayaks are designed to be fun and easy to use and are primarily made for recreational use. They are more stable and buoyant than Sit-in kayaks, with an air filled cavity surrounding the whole of the kayak which means they will not sink and are easy to right again in the event of capsizing.

Can they be used over greater distances?

Although not as efficient as a sit-in touring kayak, the aerodynamic hull shape is able to cut through water with minimum effort whilst still maintaining stability. This means that if you chose it is possible to cover larger distances and these have been used on expeditions by cameramen and explorers on multiple occasions.


Rob & Emily Stevenson

co-founders of Beach Guardian

"The Kayaks from Odyssey Innovation are a perfect solution of what to do with the ghost gear and marine plastics that we find on our beach cleans. And, then we can use them to find more from the remote coves that we can only access using a kayak. We are very happy with the quality and the concept. Great work by everyone involved!"