Born from the Sea to

 Protect Our Oceans

Are you a business looking to support the circular economy and create cleaner oceans?

Why not Sponsor a kayak to your local charity or community groups. It is possible to put your logo on the sponsored kayak and to follow the progress through our Paddle for Plastic campaign. 

If you are interested in purchasing a kayak, to donate to a charity group, these are available through our shop


Our marine recycled kayaks are award winning for being an innovative leisure product, they are a resourceful way of recovering marine plastic and pioneering the circular economy. Our mission was to build kayaks that could be used both for recreation and to become part of the solution by helping clean the otherwise inaccessible parts of our coastlines and waterways through our Paddle for Plastic campaign.

A good story will inspire others to take action, we want you to become part of our story by expanding our community of paddlers taking part in the Paddle for Plastic campaign and help to build our fleet of kayaks regularly paddling to protect our seas. After years of volunteering to recover marine plastic through kayaking, diving and beach cleans, we fully appreciate one of the greatest challenges can be a lack of resources to maximise your impact.  As such, through our partnership with Islander kayaks we are giving back kayaks to the communities that volunteer their time to protect our seas.